Riff - Cabaret Show

A night of soul & jazz with  a theatrical twist covering  hits by female legends from  Billie Holiday  to The Supremes. (Function group)  

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Lost On Location

  'Lost On Location' is a mystical, comedy-drama which follows the journey of a black British actress who comes to the realisation that she is lost - culturaly as well as literally, on an island when confronted by ghosts of the past   Originally written for radio, this play was adapted for stage in the Lewisham Frindge Festival of 2015.  


Women On Wine

 WOW' (Women on Wine) is what happens when 3 very different, yet very similar groups of women are thrust together in a 'stressful' situation, outside of their hands and comfort zones - they drink wine. Red grapes, green grapes, purple berries - it's all the same. The women drink/ vent, drink / laugh, drink/ cry, drink / escape, drink/ celebrate, before uniting in understanding and appreciation of each other - along with their shared love of grapes! Played at Above The Stage Theatre in 2010.